Welcome Bonus $50 is provided for NEW traders to test FTG products and services. With this bonus, traders will be able to test REAL TIME trading under REAL MARKET situations without risking their own capital. Therefore, Welcome Bonus will only be provided for the first trading account only.



Welcome Bonus eligible for FIRST time FTG trading account. Traders must claim welcome bonus within the first 7 days after open FTG MICRO trading account, if not, FTG able to take back welcome bonus at any time without prior notice. 

Welcome Bonus will be expire 30 days after claimed. You are allow to withdraw your bonus (maximum profit $100) after terms and conditions are met. 

Deposit into Micro trading account before welcome bonus claim, will caused a cancellation of welcome bonus withdrawal without prior notice.

How To Get Welcome Bonus

FTG Pay, free trading bonus, just 4 steps, get a bonus of $50.

Open a FTG Micro Real trading account

Submit document for KYC approval

Claim $50 Welcome Bonus

Verify Phone Number by receiving a call

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