Affiliate Programs

Our partnership programs are suitable for both Internet users with no
initial capital and businesses looking to expand. Four partnership


Regional Representative


White Label


Start your business with FTG and join hundreds of successful entrepreneurs from all over the world! Franchising is when a company (Franchiser) provides another company (Franchisee) with a licensed privilege to use the company’s business model and brand for a fee. Become our Franchisee and get your own profitable business! We will provide you with a working business model, advertising and technical support and other instruments to make your business successful


High level of positive brand recognition

Large market potential for online trading services.

Complete package of services: training, advertising, software, support, personal page on FTG website.

Unconditional Franchise.

No royalty.

Several income opportunities: commission from clients’ trading, training services, consulting services, etc.

How It Works

Opening a trading account with FTGFX is simple

1. Register

Try free DEMO account in just a few minutes

2. Practice

Master your skills with a practice account and educational content.

3. Start Trading

Fund your account and Earn special bonuses.

To Become a Franchisee You Will Need To:

Comply with international regulations

The office must be branded in accordance with FTG requirements

You can attract clients and provide customer service only in accordance with guidelines we will provide you during the training.

Franchisee must ensure a proper working environment

Proposal for a franchise is not a public offer

Our Support

We will provide you with all the promotion materials
We will provide you with trading software
You will get access to all FTGFX training materials
You can attract clients through your own representatives
We will provide technical support to your clients
We will provide individual counseling and training to our franchisees
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